Sunday, November 20, 2016

Service Ballet Model

Luxury attitude is the overall approach and state-of-mind of the person providing customer service.  It may also be referred to as the 'spirit of service' .

Service quality can only be measured by the sincerity of the individual who provides it. The countless hours of behind-the-scenes rehearsals that go into creating the perfect customer journey is what we call “service ballet”. It should flow so smoothly that the customer doesn’t even notice they are being pampered - true art of service.

Luxury experiences are created by some kind magic – just like the feelings and emotions.  Ballet Theatre has performed creating a tradition of passion, innovation, and aesthetic presentation, Proper preparation prevents poor performance, the words are key in the hospitality industry. Many times a lack of passion or skill exists, but you can train these skills as any other skills.

The human dimension is a matter of social skills. In the luxury world, not only does clients expect unique and highly personalised service, they expect – above all - service that is sincere and generous. This contributes to creating a very special relationship with the client. It will play an active part in delighting the client and securing long-term loyalty to the product or service.

It is the kind of attitude that shows how much we care for the customers - general politeness and professional (and individual) approach, complete and quick service, answering questions, solving issues, providing extra help if needed and positive energy that shows we are passionate about what we are doing. 
It is not only means living up to the customer's expectations, but being always one step ahead.

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